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SpongeBob Burger King Commercials (EDITED)

SpongeBob Burger King Commercials (EDITED)

Bubblestand Edit

We're not just blowing my fucking cock, we're gonna have some babies!

Movie Edit

Gay Ass Movie: I wanna fuck a dog in the ass.

Watch and Lost in Time Edit

SpongeBob's Lost in Time: Put 2 Chicken McNuggets Up Your Ass.

2010s and Bad Ending Edit

Ha. Gayyyyy!!!!

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  2. My fucking cock
  3. We're gonna have some babies
  4. Your mom
  5. Bitch
  6. I found a picture of you
  7. Stupid
  8. Clusterfuck
  9. Gay Ass
  10. I wanna fuck a dog in the ass
  11. Cars
  12. 25
  13. Toll parked dollars
  14. You fucking shit
  15. Wrong
  16. Your Ass
  17. Lens cracking
  18. I dunno that sound source
  19. Gay
  20. Fucking Cockayass
  21. Piss
  22. Put two chicken McNuggets Up Your Ass