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Occupation Editor/artist/animator
Years Active May 12, 2018 - present
Notable Works SB-129, The Bully, Rock Bottom
Influences Roshua777, SuperIdiotMan00, ImpartialGem98
Influenced N/A
EditsForWinners is a full-time artist/animator and part-time SpongeBob editor of Funny or Die origin who released his first edit in spring 2018. His edits have gained notoriety in the editing community for their stylized, experimental nature unique from many other edits, ranging from extended sound design of music and sound effects, added art or animation to certain scenes, and innovation of thousands of new sound clips from a vast variety of sources (ex. "The Ren & Stimpy Show", The MJ Morning Show, etc.). He has been compared to as "the next SuperIdiotMan00" by a number of people and was promoted by big names in the community like Rockorange. To date, four edits have been released by EditsForWinners, all of which can be viewed unfiltered on VidLii.



A Seed is Planted in the Soil (2010-2016)Edit

The origin of EditsForWinners' interest in edits date back to 2010 when he discovered his very first edit, Roshua666's sadly-now-lost "Gary Takes a Bath", which at the time he thought was hilarious. He would remain just a casual viewer of edits and watched YouTube Poops more instead. It wasn't until 2014 when edits peaked his interest.

In late 2014, EFW discovered the edits by SuperIdiotMan00 and quickly became an avid fan of his content, watching new content, rewatching older content, and recommending them to others. This would eventually spark the inspiration of possibly making edits himself when he's not occupied with making art and animations. In fall 2015, EFW started writing scripts for potential edits of SpongeBob episodes such as "The Bully" and "Bubble Buddy". Not having access to a computer or a proper editing software, these scripts would have to remain in limbo for a while... Until the following year.

The Seed Grows its Roots (2016-2018)Edit

By 2016, EFW finally had a laptop to make content on his normal non-edit persona with, but it took a while for EFW to do an edit. It wasn't until June that year when he officially joined Edit City and announced his very first edit was in the works, "Bubble Buddy". The edit was made possible from a low quality VHS rip of the episode taken from an old Nicktoons recording from 2004, rather than a high quality rip most editors switched to by then.

Although things went smooth sailing at first, "Bubble Buddy" was ultimately a disaster. There was barely any good ideas for the edit, leaving much of the script not written. Worst of all, EFW was stuck with Movie Maker, a software that interfered with audio clipping and fade errors. Although a teaser and a sneak peek were released on Funny or Die and Dailymotion respectively ("Bubble Buddy" was to be released on Funny or Die), "Bubble Buddy" was ultimately unfinished and rejected by the following month.

What was finished for "Bubble Buddy" was soon removed by EFW and was never released on YouTube or VidLii. You can now only see it as a special feature on the second volume of his downloadable soundpack. EFW later expressed disinterest in finishing "Bubble Buddy", calling it unfunny in retrospect and not in need of being released.

Because of "Bubble Buddy"'s failure, EFW held off on making new edits for a good while but continued to write scripts for more edits. By 2017, his laptop broke and he was left without equipment to make edits for over a year until 2018, when he would come back with a vengeance.


A Little Flower Blooms (2018)Edit

During his two year long hiatus, EditsForWinners never really had editing on his mind. He was mainly occupied with making art and was starting to see improvements and only watched edits on occasion. This attitude of editing changed slightly when he started working on another new script for a potential edit, "Rock Bottom". On June 2017, the first ideas for the edit popped up in EFW's head and would continue to be sporadically updated and touched up on for the following 11 months. This was considered by EFW his funniest script yet and determined that if he returned to the editing scene this would be his debut edit.

On late April 2018, EFW finally got a brand new laptop; and unlike his older laptop which was used, slow, and had limited space, this one was bought fresh from a Wal-Mart and held 1 TB of data. It was perfect for making edits, and then some, so he re-entered the edit community and announced his official comeback. The biggest obstacle now was finding a suitable editing software.

He continued to use Audacity for creating sound clips as he did in 2016 (and for effects, mixing sounds, and complicated audio edits later on), but not only would Movie Maker fail like it did on "Bubble Buddy", but it was also discontinued by Microsoft before getting the laptop. So now, EditsForWinners was on a hunt for a suitable editing software to use. He would ask YTP friends for software recommendations and do research on a plethora of editing software that was more advanced than Movie Maker but free and easy to use. He wasn't up to using Sony Vegas for free without getting his sorry ass thrown in the slammer by the Feds, so that option was outed.

Eventually after a week or so of searching, EFW discovered a suitable software that was easy to use and was penniless, VSDC Video Editor. Its interface allowed multiple videos and audio files to be used at once, making the extensive sound and video design seen in his edits possible. He would experiment and become adjusted to using VSDC with his very first official edit, "Rock Bottom".

Another Fan-fucking-tastic Day at Shit World (2018)Edit

On late April 2018, EditsForWinners' debut edit "Rock Bottom" officially began production. Originally written in June 2017 and released nearly a year later on May 12, 2018, "Rock Bottom" was obviously not EFW's first edit ever but was his first full and successful one. "Rock Bottom" was first released to Funny or Die and had some association with fellow editor Raster0fMandomness for a few lines.

"Rock Bottom" established EFW's knack at being a somewhat unconventional editor, with over 100+ new sounds, mixing multiple sounds together, more sound effects, and the addition of new scores (including the town's motif of EarthBound's Giygas boss battle music). While arguably the most standard edit from EFW, it did hint at the ambition of innovating new uses of established techniques.

Alas, the original version "Rock Bottom" still fell victim to low quality sounds and drowned out audio at points. Aware of "Rock Bottom"'s imperfections, a redux version was made on May 27th that was largely the same but replaced clips with higher quality versions. While the original version remained on Funny or Die, the redux version became the standard version of the edit and would be used when uploaded to YouTube and VidLii.

The Flower Grows in the Sunlight (2018)Edit

"Rock Bottom" was well received by the editing community upon release, with some calling very good for a first edit. This convinced EFW to reach out to YouTube to hopefully let his editing persona gain attraction. EFW was not going to release it on his main animation channel under his main online persona for not only copyright reasons but for the risque content contained, so he had to make a new channel under a new name.

After a day of brainstorming, he came up with the name EditsForWinners and the YouTube account was born on May 22, 2018. His Funny or Die account which had his main persona name was changed to this new name as well. The same day, the original version of "Rock Bottom" was released and was promoted by editors like RockorangeEdits. Although Viacom took it down, a heavily filtered version of the redux was uploaded on May 28th, with a link to the unfiltered edit on Google Drive in the description. Drive would go on to be the place to see EFW's content unfiltered before joining VidLii.

Later on in May, EFW would brainstorm ideas for possible new edits of episodes like his previous "The Bully", as well as "Bubblestand", "Texas", "Chocolate with Nuts", and "SB-129". And by May 31, 2018, EFW would finally have a large chunk of one of these scripts ready to edit, the highly ambitious "SB-129" edit.

Everything is Communist in the Future! (2018)Edit

With the already solid "Rock Bottom" in his roster, EditsForWinners wasted no time in toiling away in what he hoped would be his editing masterpiece, "SB-129". He brought in Raster0fMandomness again to help out again with a number of scenes he had trouble with (the idea of the future being communist, the gas chamber) and gave Raster credit as an additional writer of the edit.

Evident in "Rock Bottom" and unmistakable in "SB-129" is a desire to do away from the norm of editing and create the most unique edits possible from pre-established techniques and new ones. "SB-129" being one of the most unique and experimental episodes of the SpongeBob SquarePants series itself allowed EFW to go beyond where many editors feared to tread.

"SB-129" is probably one of the most atmospheric edits out there, with old 50's-70's synthesizer music (much of the score was lifted from synth-pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey's 1971 album "Moog Mig Mag Moog"), electronic pulses and ambiences, scientific sound effects, old radio test transmissions, and custom made sound effects done with Audacity; this is best exemplified in the Nowhere scene which was mixed in Audacity with over 20 different audio tracks, many being reversed, scrambled, or put into different effects.

Its extremely innovative sound design and comedy caused many in the community to take notice of not just the edit but EditsForWinners himself. "SB-129" was finished on June 10, 2018 and released to Funny or Die and YouTube the following day. Co-writer Raster0fMandomness would go on to say the "SB-129" edit became his all-time favorite edit, with EditsForWinners himself calling it his favorite edit he made.

On June 11, 2018, RockorangeEdits reuploaded "SB-129" unfiltered as part of his New Editor Spotlight series as a means of promoting EFW, which then gained widespread acclaim from Rockorange's fanbase. In the following weeks, the promotion increased EFW's popularity, with his subscriber count rising from 12 to the higher 60's.

Symbiosis (2018)Edit

This newfound audience allowed EditsForWinners to flourish despite being relatively brand new to the editing scene. After the exhausting production of the "SB-129", though, EFW opted to take a small break to rebuild motivation to make more. In this dry time, EFW would remain active in the editing community and build up hundreds of new potential sound clips to use.

Later that June, Raster0fMandomness would announce one of his final edit collabs before his retirement, The Bad TV Shows Edit Collab, wherein the participants would make a short edit of any universally panned television show they chose. EditsForWinners chose to participate by editing a 4 minute scene from the Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon episode "Fire Dogs 2".

After the intense edit he did of "SB-129", he opted to do something more simple with his edit of "Fire Dogs 2", with not nearly the amount of experimentation. The edit took less than two days to finish, being his quickest edit yet, and was released on June 23, 2018. The entry was approved by Raster and was included as part of the finished Bad TV Shows Edit Collab.

In spite of the praise his edits received, EditsForWinners soon grew weary of making edits and found not just the editing process itself but all of the copyright battles tiring. EFW quitely made the decision that the next upcoming full-length SpongeBob edit would be his last, his very first script from nearly three years back: "The Bully".

Hi! I Like PIZZA! (2018)Edit

EditsForWinners was burnt out to the point where he couldn't finish "The Bully" alone. He brought in Raster0fMandomness once again and RockorangeEdits to help finish and revise the 2015 script. While the two did provide ideas and suggestions in the past, these two became full-fledged writers of "The Bully" to the point where it was almost a collab. EFW's own parts accumulate about 7-8 minutes of the whole 14 minute edit. Raster0fMandomness did the largest bulk of the collaboration work.

The roots of "The Bully"'s edit script dating back to 2015, the completed intended EditsForWinners finale shares a few elements from the original script but was mostly changed. The collaborative nature of the edit brought a unique flavor of comedy to the edit that's otherwise absent in his other edits, where it could almost be determined who wrote what part.

"The Bully" was a vow to go back to making a more traditional SpongeBob edit as a means of cool-down after "SB-129". It worked modestly well in terms of comedy, as it does play out like in a typical SpongeBob edit, while the edit does contain much of the stylized extended sound effects and scores present in other EFW edits.

Released on July 13, 2018 on Funny or Die and the next day on YouTube, "The Bully" came with the announcement that it was the last full-length edit by EditsForWinners and an official announcement video was on the way. EFW always figured he wouldn't edit long in the first place, but it would all go downhill from there.


The Flower Dies (2018)Edit

That July, things took a turn for the worse for EFW's YouTube channel. Not only did a bunch of heavily filtered edits take reuploads to bypass the copyright algorithm, but by the end of the month the system caught on and blocked all of EFW's content except his rough soundpack video and his "Fire Dogs 2" edit.

Due to frustration with the copyright system, coupled with a severe editing burnout and the idea EFW would never be a full-time endeavor, EFW decided to make the announcement on August 1, 2018 that he was retiring from making full-time edits to pursue his other hobbies, much to the community's disappointment. He would go on to reassure subscribers that he wasn't fully leaving the channel and the community and would still upload occasional small edits, but would otherwise not be regularly doing full edits anymore.

We Need a Spanking (2018)Edit

After his initial retirement, EditsForWinners still left up his edits on Funny or Die as like an archive of his works. However, that would all change later that month when Funny or Die retooled its entire website and removed the feature to let its users upload videos and all creator content as well (including EFW's edits).

That didn't stop Old Man Fate, fortunately. Just after this, edit reviewer XDrang93 uncovered an obscure video uploading site with an interface similar to that of olden YouTube days, VidLii. On September 1, 2018, EditsForWinners joined with a bunch of similar editors like Rockorange, Raster0fMandomness, and SuperIdiotMan00 in reuploading his edits onto VidLii and announced it on YouTube that day with a brand new simplistic animation.

VidLii continues to be the main content creation site for EditsForWinners' regular edits, where all of his edits currently remain online.

I'm the Ghost of Charles Manson! (2018)Edit

As the burnoff cooled off and initial retirement kept edits off of EFW's mind for a good few months, he rebuilt enough stamina to be semi-active in the community again. But how to quietly announce it? A spooky, scary Halloween edit, of course!

Secretly being written since the production of "The Bully" back in July, EditsForWinners decided to put into production a special Halloween collab edit of the episode "Scaredy Pants" named "Pussy Pants" (originally "Wussy Pants") and announced it to the community in early September. Those who joined the collab include Ginnrollins211, mrdavidatify, Raster0fMandomness, Rockorange, Octacle, and SuperIdiotMan00. EditsForWinners' own contributions include brand new animations of SpongeBob bleeding as Patrick shaved him in his part and a hanging SpongeBob jack-o-lantern before the end credits, both of which were animated in Flash.

The collaboration was made officially announced on EFW's channel on October 28, 2018 with a teaser and was released on Halloween night on both his own channel on VidLii and as a premiere on Rockorange's channel due to his contributions and for more exposure. The reception of the collab was very positive and made EFW think, "hmm, what if I got back to this someday? Just not as insanely full-time as I once was?"

HOUSE! (2018)Edit

The end of 2018 was a very experimental time for EditsForWinners. In addition to the edits, EFW decided to spice things up a bit for his channel since it was clear it would be a while before he put out another full-length edit. The new edits he would put out would be completely unscripted, a departure made due to EFW building up enough sounds to warrant an edit with a script largely unneeded.

Just after the release of "Pussy Pants", EditsForWinners put out a bunch of downloadable soundpacks for fans who are in need of more new sounds, which also include special features such as production art, sound effects, music, special edit clips, among others.

On Thanksgiving, EditsForWinners put out the first YouTube Poop on his channel, "CRASHIN' FRASHIN' BREAKDANCERS" (a YTP of "Pizza Delivery") on the offchance he would put out more YTP's on his channel as fillers for the edits. "BREAKDANCERS" is something of an off-beat on EFW's channel, his YTP style takes on a more minimalistic take, repeating random clips once in a while, bizarre effects everywhere, random earrape, and overall surrealistic and near dada humor. Not too long after this, EFW released what he finished of a scrapped edit for the Chowder episode "Panini for President", which was to be his first entirely unscripted edit.

On December 29, 2018, EFW put out an edit of the holiday classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" titled "You're a Sick Fuck, Mr. Grinch", a raunchy epic telling how much of a disgusting person the Grinch is and what naughty acts he likes to commit, ending in tragedy when the Grinch kills the singer in anger.

Another Seed is Planted (2019)Edit

EditsForWinners has never doled out the possibility of more content on his channel, be it YouTube Poops or edits. He had already put out a brand new test with Vegas as opposed to VSDC of a dried up SpongeBob rolling around paintings from the show entitled "A Leisurely Stroll..." as the new year rolled out.

The good news is that EFW does have three brand new edits planned, but isn't in a major rush to get them completed immediately, choosing instead to pursue his major passions and do edits whenever he felt like it. Of the three, two confirmed upcoming edits will be "Jellyfish Jam", another major sound design epic with very raunchy humor, and "Squidville", a more laid-back gut-funny type of SpongeBob edit.

With that, EditsForWinners doesn't quite know which direction his channel will take, but he knows for sure it isn't dead. Stay tuned.


NOTE: All of EFW's videos are edits or YTP's of SpongeBob SquarePants unless otherwise noted.

Original edits (2016)Edit

  • Bubble Buddy (unfinished; what was completed remains only available on Soundpack for Winners Vol. 2 and has not been released to YouTube or VidLii

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