Lyrics Edit

Garmin Commercial (Edited)

Garmin Commercial (Edited)

Where's fucking dick?

There's Big Ass

Where's Chinese Whore?

There's Chinese Whore!

Spicy chicken balls, chicken in my pants

Traffic's a mess, gotta take a shit

Find another way with no vagina

Bluetooth is on, call the strip club

Need a boner, I'm gonna go jack off

Sound Clips Edit

  1. Fucking Dick
  2. Big Ass
  3. Directions
  4. Whore
  5. Balls
  6. In my Pants
  7. Black
  8. Gotta take a shit
  9. Vagina
  10. Strip Club
  11. Boner
  12. Go Jack Off
  13. Blowjob
  14. Blowjob
  15. My Ass
  16. Blowjob
  17. Blowjob