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Peter: Your cock is so good.

T.J.: Yeah, I know! Why are we in the back seat of your car?

Voiceover: Have sex with a side of children. The double delicious Cleveland steamer sundaes. This month's special for Sonic's Shithead Social! This is how you sploodge!
Sonic Drive In Commercial -Bad Words-

Sonic Drive In Commercial -Bad Words-

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  1. Your Cock
  2. Having Sex - Epic Rap Battles of History: Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking
  3. Sex
  4. Baah!
  5. Fuck
  6. Butt Sex
  7. Have
  8. Gay
  9. Sex
  10. You're a pervert!
  11. Baah!
  12. Sex
  13. Children
  14. Cleveland Steamer
  15. Shithead
  16. SPLOODGE!!! - Tenacious