As enormous as the sound source list is, it will for an unforseeable amount of time be incomplete. There have been a mistakable problem of saying bad stuff.

G1-2 soundsEdit

  • "In your hands" - Link

probably the most sought after sound at the present moment. It is unmistakeably Jack Black's voice but none of the Tenacious D skits/episodes/what have you have sought up. RasterOfMandomness even went as far as to search Jack Black's entire filmography, TV episodes included. The lone title that even HAD the words was Tropic Thunder, and it not only wasn't even the sound, was a line spoken by Robert Downey Jr., not Jack.

The second most sought after sound.

Fan submissionsEdit

It's some little midget, bitch!

Ah, fuck this fucking game!

  1. SyeTen - "How to Correctly Draw Muhammad"
  2. Pedestrian quotes from GTA IV

- RasterOfMandomness